Direct ON IMAGE Adjustments (use of all tools&modules)

### Feature Request A aditional new way of using and interacting with the tool and program being able to focus completely on the image itself by having *DIRECTO ON IMAGE ADJUSTMENTS* > color/tone/caracteristic one is dealing with intuitively and directly on the area/pixels on the image with the tool curently selected. **Meaning a direct way of making all the adjustments/use the tools on the image with the pointer touching/clicking and dragging** (up/down/right/left or however it corresponds to the tool being used at the moment) + with the addition of the value/indicator of the adjutment being made displayed directly on or besides the pointer/area being altered so one can concentrate on the image itself avoiding trips to the toolbar-controls unless stricktly necessary for further refinements of settings or changing tool. (for better focus) ### Use Case A more intuitive&direct way of using the tools, for example if I want to change the hue of a color/area/pixels in this example working with the SPECTRUM Tools > Shadow Refraction I could simply click on the area of interest and directly move or drag the pointer and the app would select the color OR colors that correspond and make the adjustments. This has the potential benefit of being able to move two colors/values at the same time/in paralel if the predominant color adjusted is comprised of more than one primary-secondary color (Id supose this would require holding a boton as one clicks&drags on the image so as to avoid moving it, because at the moment this is how it works if one clicks/drags on the image). I make & enjoy photographs/images and wish for streamlined tools-system however complex in their workings. The less obstrusive and out of the way the more area and focus is dedicated to what matters most.