Adjustable Density, Saturation Limiter, and Middle Gray Control

I already love the current balance between saturation and density. For most cases, it's practically perfect. However, there is always that odd project where I want more or less density, and it would be great to be able to control density separate from saturation. A gradual saturation limiter would also be great. Some projects I really want the max saturation to be very low, while others I want it to be high. Having control over this in the form of a dial would be incredible. Managing middle grey is very important to me. It preserves the intended exposure on set. Currently, I have a workaround, but it would be nice to be able to enter in a numerical middle grey value on the contrast curve, as well as for the refraction/scattering functions. I am now just revisiting this tool after a long break and I absolutely LOVE how it is very hard to break the image with this tool. I would have to spend so much extra time trying to manually build that in to a look. I am really hoping that Color Io can become my one stop shop look development tool. Thanks for your hard work! Can't wait to see what the future brings.