### Feature Request A simple way of altering EXPOSURE per IMAGE ON SAME SCENE (maybe tied to the UP/DOWN keyboard keys so as to speed up EXPOSURE MATCHING by navigating as usual with Right/Left keys and Up/Down for + or - Exposure..or maybe with same Right/Left Keys plus another key? thinking this last bit because you may have thought saving the UP/DOWN keys for a STARED/FLAGGED feature or something else (could use the + / - keys )) ### Use Case IMAGE EXPOSURE MATCHING > Usually on a set of fotos the exposure varies and if one pretends to only use it would facilitate this task (avoid external editors) I know you can do this by loading images on separate Scenes but for larger sets of images it takes more time and there is currently no option to select multiple images on import and them loading to separate Scenes (to my knoledge)...maybe this would be a simpler way so as to avoid added complexity versus the feature I request. 🤔