Export Loops back to 1 percent after 100 without downloading

Note: I only reported this as Important because there was no error message / noticeable issues with the application or workflow aside from not exporting which caused confusion. ### Expected Behaviour Export reaches 100 Percent and file is downloaded to local machine. ### Reproduction Steps 1. Load a Video into a Davinci Resolve Timeline 2. Go to delevery tab and select to export as MP4. In the deliver tab there is a section that has three cells "Video / Audio / File". Click on the Audio cell and uncheck Export Audio 3. Export the MP4 file 4. Add exported video to color.io and perform a change or preset. In my case I only added halation FX 5. Export and click Render 2k with Auto / recommended settings 6. Video goes to 100 percent as expected but then loops back to 0 percent and starts again 7. File is never downloaded. And continues to loop Note: I just exported from davinci again with "Export Audio" checked and it worked. I was very confused for a bit. ### Your Browser and Device https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/b/38WX4