Refraction tool bug upon color reset by double click.

When a color in the refraction tool is reset, the "link" function is enabled despite the two sides being vastly different. A constant factor could be that when a color is reset, it also checks for its "twin" in the other wheel to be in the same position. If it is, some behaviours are triggered including unwanted ones. A suggestion would be to keep any boolean false as long as two identical colors across the two wheels share different positions. A more severe alternative of the issue features the masking value also resetting back to 0.500. An even more severe yet rarer alternative appeared under conditions I do not specifically remember and causes both tools to completely reset, including the masking, when one color is reset even if the "twin" from the other wheel isn't in the same position. Keep in mind when I say "same position" I refer to the default one obviously. ### Reproduction Steps 1. I modify the colors in the refraction tool while making sure to leave some on the default position. 2. I reset one of them, by double clicking, (notably the red ball in the "shadows" side of the tool) or any color that has its counterpart of the other wheel still in the default position. ### Your Browser and Device