Zoom Levels: 100/200/300% + Quick Zoom

### Extended zoom range Add a way to work and check image at 100% and beyond (with distinct way of knowing at a glance at what zoom % one is currently at. Implementation could be a simple toggle/general icon o range to go to and from, and in case of touch devices maybe a doble tap on image..? (specialy 200% for HDPI screens > Macs) + ### Lock zoom level A way to lock the zoom level to enable comparing separate images in scene to same point and magnification. ### Quick Zoom / Magnify When I'm adjusting an Image I'm constantly zooming in and out so as to check the effect of the changes at full view (fit to screen) and a closer view (full magnification), like when playing with HALATION and GRAIN & STRUCTURE. The click (or maybe doubleclick?) on the image behavior could go from whatever magnification state the image is currently in to the FIT TO SCREEN State and viceversa, meaning if one is in a general view aka FIT to screen or smaller, clicking on the image would go strait to the maximum magnificaction.