QUICK On/Off of each module

### Feature Request Directo way of turning on and off each module so as to better see individual adjustments versus how now you can only quickly see the before/after of all the changes piled onto each other. Maybe could be done implementing this by holding on each module ICON, like how now by holding on the image one can quickly see the effect of all the settings by allowing shy holding to see the original image. Also if it makes sense maybe implement a ON/OFF state by clicking on each module icon. ### Use Case Stramlining the user experience/intuitively being able of seeing the effect of each module versus just the sum of total changes . This is something I constantly use in COLOR.io in the general implementation of being able of seeing the unalterd image by holding on it. Lightroom allows this on a module base (Even being able of entirely turning one off or on if deemed necessary) (They recently changed the way it works which I'm not a fan or perhaps need more time getthing used to it, but any way of isolating module changes and effect on the image is welcome.)