Scopes, Raw Color Science 3.0 & More

![ - scopes visionlog update.jpg-4194](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/33807/inline-58428db24bb4342068b9fe4aa9cb35ae.jpg) ### New: Scopes Three powerful new scopes, usually exclusive to video editing apps, are now available in! Scopes are like histograms but more detailed and perfect for fine-tuning your colors and exposure like a pro. Scopes are available on large screen devices and can be activated by toggeling the scopes button in the top bar. Here's what they can help you with: #### Vectorscope Quickly identify and correct color imbalances, ensuring accurate and consistent colors. The vectorscope is perfect for nailing skin tones, color contrast and harmony. It displays a circular graph where different colors are plotted around the circle. The distance from the center represents the saturation level - closer to the center means less saturated, while further out means more saturated. #### RGB Waveform This scope maps the brightness of each color channel (red, green, and blue) on a vertical scale. Unlike a histogram, which shows the overall distribution of brightness, the RGB Waveform displays how colors are distributed across the image. The horizontal axis represents the image from left to right, while the vertical axis shows the brightness levels. This helps you see and correct color imbalances and exposure issues with greater precision. #### RGB Parade Imagine three histograms lined up side by side, one for each color channel. The RGB Parade shows the intensity of red, green, and blue across the image from left to right. This is different from a traditional histogram, which combines all color information into a single graph. By separating the channels, the RGB Parade allows you to easily spot and correct any color imbalances, ensuring each channel is perfectly aligned. ### New: Improved Raw Color Science ![raw_flat_standard_update_colorio.jpg-4321](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/33807/inline-47947c70bb90f613565085e26ac817bd.jpg) now features VisionLog 3.0 for grading raw images, providing a more contrasty and accurate starting point. This new profile, named "RAW Standard," improves adaptive contrast with smooth rolloff in shadows and highlights, ensuring faithful tonal range distribution. The old VisionLog 2.0 profile is now "RAW Flat." #### What’s New: * **VisionLog 3.0:** This new profile, named "RAW Standard," offers a more contrasty and accurate starting point, addressing issues where images appeared too flat. * **Improved Color Science:** Enhanced adaptive contrast with smooth rolloff into shadows and highlights ensures the entire tonal range is faithfully represented. * **Easier to Use:** The old VisionLog 2.0 profile is now "RAW Flat," helping new users easily understand the differences. The unique log-based approach treats raw images like cinema cameras, compressing the dynamic range into a log signal for incredible performance and precision. This update ensures your images look correct on display, making it easier to achieve the desired contrast and saturation. ### New: Resize and move Histograms and Scopes You can now resize and freely move the scopes and histogram overlay around the viewport. It's a small step toward customizing your workspace and seeing the scopes at a larger size is a must when making detailed adjustments. ### New: Preset Export & Import Sharing your edits just got easier! You can now export and import your grades from Simply click the three dots next to the "Generate" button above the Preset panel to export a grade. Importing works the same way. ### Improvement: Images remember their zoom settings Images and videos now remember their zoom settings. Previously, switching to a new image would reset the zoom and positioning. Now, your zoom settings are remembered for each image, making it easier to compare different images at their preferred zoom levels. To snap an image back to fit into the viewport, just double tap/click. ### Thank you! Every update of is a step forward in our shared mission to empower creatives with cutting-edge tools that push the boundaries of what's possible in film emulation and look creation. Your invaluable feedback and support shape the journey of These updates are for you – the creators, the visionaries, the innovators. I'm excited to see how these new features inspire and assist in bringing your creative visions to life. Thank you for all your incredible feedback and being an integral part of this journey. Here’s to many more milestones together, with even more exciting updates on the horizon! Jonathan, Creator of