Video Previews, New Presets, Border Tool & More!

![colorio_v2.5_update.jpg-2227](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/31833/inline-8e7073d38c93dec391debe81a4860242.jpg) This update is a consolidation of several smaller updates released over the past few months, with a focus on improving the user experience and adding functionality based on user feedback. ### New: Video Previews and Rendering (MP4) This update brings the capability to add video previews and render clips within, supporting up to 4K resolution. This feature allows users to work with video content directly in the app, facilitating a seamless transition between image and video editing workflows. It's particularly useful for projects that require both photo and video content to be processed with consistent color grading and effects. ### New: Offline Support Recognizing the need for flexibility in how and where users work, now offers offline support. Once used online, the app caches necessary data, making it accessible even without an internet connection. This feature ensures that the workflow is not interrupted by connectivity issues, and is available across browsers and desktop installations, including when added to the Home Screen. ### New: Border Tool The new Border Tool enhances the app's editing capabilities, allowing users to easily add borders to images and videos. Users can control the dimensions, roundness, smoothness, and color of the border. This tool is accessible through the "Edit" option in the image workspace, and it's particularly useful for creating visually distinct content or framing content for social media and other platforms. ### Enhanced: Editing Tools for Images and Videos With this update, Crop, Rotate, and the newly added Border Tools are now applicable to both images and videos. This expansion provides a consistent and fluid editing experience across different media types, making it easier for users to apply their desired adjustments without switching between different toolsets. ### New: Quick-Action Menu A new quick-action menu has been introduced to streamline the editing process. By right-clicking on a media thumbnail in the media gallery, users can quickly access options to open the media in a duplicate or blank scene, or reset edits. This feature is designed to speed up the workflow by providing quick access to common actions, making it easier to experiment with different looks or reset adjustments as needed. ### New: DJI D-LOG M Input Color Space For users of compatible DJI cameras, this update includes support for the DJI D-LOG M input color space. This addition ensures that aerial footage captured with DJI cameras can be accurately graded in, offering filmmakers and drone enthusiasts more control over their color grading process. ### New: 10 Classic Film Emulation Presets Ten new classic film emulation presets (VC-100 - VC-X00) have been added, expanding the creative options available to users. These presets are designed to mimic the look of classic overexposed film stocks, providing an easy way to apply nostalgic or specific filmic looks to digital content. ### Preview: 300 DPI Image Exports Recognizing the importance of high-resolution outputs for professional and print uses, now supports exporting images at 300dpi. This feature ensures that users can achieve the highest quality prints and is a significant enhancement for those looking to use their digital creations in printed form. ### New: AVIF Import Format With the growing adoption of the AVIF image format for its efficiency and quality benefits, has added support for importing AVIF files. This update allows users to work with images in this modern format, ensuring the app remains compatible with current and future image standards. ### New: Preset Remix Feature The Preset Remix feature introduces a new level of creative exploration within Users can generate variations of any preset by clicking "Remix," which opens the Spectra AI workspace. This feature encourages experimentation and allows users to discover new looks by iterating on the generated variations. ### Improvement: Updated Crop Interface The crop tool interface has been updated to provide a clearer view during adjustments. Now, only the rule of thirds markers are shown, and the grid displayed during rotation includes more lines for precise alignment. This enhancement makes it easier to achieve the desired composition and alignment in images. ## Thank you! Every update of is a step forward in our shared mission to empower creatives with cutting-edge tools that push the boundaries of what's possible in film emulation and look creation. The journey of is shaped by your invaluable feedback and support. These updates are for you – the creators, the visionaries, the innovators. I'm excited to see how these new features inspire and assist in bringing your creative visions to life. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Here's to many more milestones together! Jonathan, Creator of