Spectra Multi-Gen, Lightroom Profiles and More!

![color_io_2.1_update.jpg-5382](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/29004/inline-63e187df538840ba50b446787dcab1ed.jpg) Today marks another milestone for Color.io with the launch of version 2.2. The mission remains steadfast: to empower creatives with tools that redefine the boundaries of film emulation and look creation. Let's dive into what's new and improved! ## New: Spectra AI - Multi-Gen The heart of this update is the enhanced Spectra AI Workspace. Building on a powerful generative film emulation model, Spectra AI now generates not one, but four distinct variations in a single pass, offering multiple creative choices at a glance. Dive deeper into any generated look by spawning infinite variations based on the generated preset you like most (Just click "More like this"). For a streamlined experience, Spectra AI now operates in its dedicated workspace, optimizing your workflow and focusing your assisted look design process. Of course, any look designed with Spectra is not a black box but a color managed, fully editable preset that can be exported to 3D LUTs, Lightroom Profiles and more. ## New: Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW Profiles Integration is key, and with Color.io 2.2, exporting color grades directly to a format compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW is now seamless. Forget the hassle of manual LUT embedding; simply choose Adobe Lightroom from the export dropdown menu, and your color grade exports as an XMP profile, ready for use in your favorite Adobe software. ## Additional Enhancements in Color.io 2.2: * Text Labels on Panels: Navigating Color.io is now more intuitive than ever, with clear text labels for enhanced clarity. * Optimized Mobile Layout: Experience Color.io's full power on your mobile device with further optimized layouts. * Render to Clipboard Feature: Instantly copy and paste full-resolution renders between applications with the new 'Render to Clipboard' function. A right-click on the viewport lets you copy and paste effortlessly, with keyboard shortcuts for added convenience. * Official Release: Celebrate with the community as Color.io officially steps out of beta. The maturity of the platform is a testament to your invaluable feedback and support! * Under-the-Hood Improvements: Numerous bug fixes and subtle enhancements ensure a smoother, more reliable experience. As always, your feedback is the lifeblood of this app. This journey is yours as much as it is mine. Thank you for being a part of it! Jonathan | Developer