RGBCMY Controls, iPad Support, User Guide & More

![F0J4YahXgAEv0ul.jpeg-6707](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/23503/inline-c6e822af1639b1d1c87bf9bace72d758.jpg) This new update introduces new black and white point controls with RGB-CMY splitting, full support for iPad and Android tablets, a new and improved user guide with many in-depth tips and tricks and many small changes under the hood. Let's dive in and see what's new in the [Color.io App](https://app.color.io) ## New: Blackpoint & Whitepoint Controls (RGBCMY) When working with either the new Black Point or White Point sliders, by default, all color channels are moved in unison. This means when you adjust the Black Point, for instance, you're uniformly altering the intensity of all colors in the dark areas. Likewise, the White Point slider simultaneously adjusts all color channels in the brighter regions of your image. If you want more granular control over the colors in your blacks and whites, you can detach the channels by clicking on the link icon below the sliders. Once decoupled, each RGB-CMY channel relationship can be manipulated independently. This decoupling feature allows you to infuse color into your blacks and whites. For instance, adjusting the Red channel in the Black Point slider can add a warm, reddish tone to your shadows, while manipulating the Blue channel in the White Point slider might add a cool tint to your highlights. ## New: Color.io on iPad and Android Tablets Heavily requested and now a reality: The analog color engine has been updated to take advantage of high end mobile GPUs like those built into Apple devices and top range Android phones and tablets. All controls in Color.io now work with touch input and Apple Pencil for fine tuning every knob and slider. This upate technically enables hardware accelerated HQ processing on mobile devices and paves the way to full mobile support coming in the next few weeks. ## New: User Guide with Insider Knowledge The user guide has received a major overhaul with better navigation, a clear and semantic structure and, most importantly, many in-depth tips and tricks that were previously undocumented. https://www.color.io/user-guide/get-started ### Various Updates * FIX: Color Science was partially missing filmic gamut retainer since June update. Original color processing has now been restored (and actually improved a little) * FIX: Visible grain pattern for small grain sizes on some images. Grain rendering has been majorly updated. Granule distribution, chrominance and size algorithms as well as luma blending have been improved to avoid moire patterns and more realistically simulate real film grain distribution * FIX: ACES color managed exports were missing the soft gamma modifier applied internally by Color.io. This lead to the Previews in Color.io not matching the color managed LUT or DCTL in Resolve since the June update. * Improvements: Startup performance boosted by over 200ms. Full support on most mobile and low power devices established. As always, thanks a ton for your help, suggestions, bug reports and encouragement!