VisionLog RAW 2.0

![](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/19446/inline-53444fa2ac8d21fe51249a8dabc1843c.jpg) The RAW image processor in just got a major upgrade - the new and improved VisionLog Raw curve has significantly better highlight and shadow protection and softer color gradations. The color science is now closely aligned with the internal ACEScct working space so you'll also see a better overall color response when grading raw images in VisionLog 2.0. ### How to upgrade VisionLog RAW 2.0 is the new default for all raw image processing in, so for new images, you don't have to do anything to enable it. However, if you currently have any raw images loaded into the app, you have to re-interpret them using the updated process. Just follow these three simple steps to do that: 1. Delete all raw images you have currently loaded in the app. Don't worry, you won't lose your settings! 2. Reload the page. This will remove the old images from your local app cache. 3. Any raw images you load into the app from this point will be processed using the new VisionLog RAW 2.0 curve. 4. Enjoy more highlight detail, softer shadows and even better color! ### Additional minor updates - fixed Material Panel UI bypass bug (thanks @frank !!) - updated default acutance distribution which accumulates more grains in the shadows for more realistic film-like sharpness - simplified layout of preset generator button in Export Window (Wraps better on smaller screens) - added improved small-screen warning to app splash screen that allows bypassing