Install on Desktop & More

**Todays update introduces a new option to install to your desktop, export to different color spaces, bug fixes and improvements!** ### New: Install on Mac and Windows is a progressive web application (PWA). Progressive Web Apps run in the browser but they can also be installed as fullscreen apps on many devices. Desktop PWA installation is currently supported by **Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks**. These browsers will show an install badge (icon) in the URL bar (see the image below), stating that is installable. ![install_pwa_step_1.jpg](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/17577/inline-48d5e704e1a67ead3d315f83f233d2f9.jpg) ### New: Export Color Spaces Thanks to your feedback, there's now also an option to override the color management for exporting LUTs and DCTLs into third party workflows. This allows you to embed any look you create in in an ACES working space project or timeline. You can find the export color space override at the bottom of the export panel: ![export_color_spaces.jpg](BASE/products/813987637/changelog/17577/inline-3e8a635e653a6adbdcc10e6bf52f16b1.jpg) ### Bug Fixes & Improvements * [FIXED] RAW Images were exported at half resolution * [NEW] Support for .heic and .heif images * [CODE] Various optimizations and refactorings ### What's next? I'm currently laying the ground work for two major improvements for the app: 1. Image specific editing. Right now, all images in a scene a graded with the same look. The next version of will introduce image-specific adjustments that are processed before the scene-global color grading operations, on a per-image basis. This architectural change opens the door to more advanced photo editing tools and techniques that will make an even more powerful RAW editing tool for photographers. 2. Advanced DCTL Generator. Currently, DCTLs that are generated by are not offering much over LUTs - just a little UI in Resolve to bypass and separately set intensity for chroma and luma. I'm planning to port more of the core functionality of the engine into DCTLs so that users can design a base look in, export as a DCTL and then fine tune individual parameters inside Resolve to make shot-specific adjustments. As always, thanks a ton for all of your feedback and suggestion! May you be peaceful, may you be happy. Jonathan |